Polymer Workshop® Sweepstake

The Polymer Workshop® Sweepstake is a recurring contest where we celebrate and incentivize riding with different prizes.

Introducing Sweepstake – Ride & Win

The first of our sweepstakes contests is now live. Sweepstakes are a recurring theme at Polymer Workshop®, where we celebrate and incentivize riding. We hope to encourage and motivate you to share your rides, whether long or short, for a chance to win a wheelset of your choice.

Follow the instructions below to enter the contest:

Step 1 - Go for a ride, whether on the road or dirt – long or short.

Step 2 - Use the Polymer Workshop® Ride App filter to share your ride and stats. Combine it with key moments and achievements from your ride.

Step 3 - Share your post on Instagram including pictures from your ride and the Ride App. Follow and tag @polymerws and use the #PolymerSweepstake in your post.

Step 4 (Optional) - Enter your e-mail to get an extra ticket in the lottery by signing up for our Sweepstake mail list.

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Grand Prize and Deadline:

The winner will get a free-of-choice wheelset from Polymer Workshop® - We will contact the winner by either e-mail or Instagram direct message.

The Sweepstake contest will run from Friday, November 17th November, to Sunday, December 3rd. All posted rides during this period will be considered a ticket in the contest.

Please read all terms on our “Terms and Conditions” before signing up.

Happy Riding!