Polymer Workshop® + Ceramicspeed

CeramicSpeed Upgrade Kit


Infused with Speed


Superior Bearings

CeramicSpeed's commitment to precision engineering and innovation has resulted in the development of a superior product that outperforms competitors in multiple aspects. Their ceramic balls undergo a comprehensive quality check, fine-tuning, and specific assembly to ensure superior performance compared to standard ceramic balls.

Bespoke Solution

The performance of bearings and the wheel as a whole is greatly influenced by main factors such as the construction of the hub and spoke tension. In collaboration with CeramicSpeed, we have measured and tested various combinations and identified the optimal fit with precision down to the microns.

Service-Ready Package

To ensure riders a long-lasting experience, we have included essential servicing products that will keep you rolling for a long time while maintaining the performance and low friction of CeramicSpeed. 1 x All Round Grease (30ml) 1 x Bearing Degreaser (15ml)