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Polymer Workshop® + Panaracer

Polymer Workshop® and Panaracer have joined forces to celebrate the shared spirit of exploration. ポリマーワークショップ®とパナレーサーは、冒険の精神を分かち合うために力を合わせました。さぁ、新しい冒険の旅に出かけましょう。


Polymer Workshop® has collaborated with the Japanese tire manufacturer, Panaracer, to create an exclusive capsule collection to complement their new performance series, GravelKing X1.

Since 1952, Panaracer has been producing rubber products for various commercial and consumer uses. As interest in elite cycling increased, they shifted focus specifically to bicycle tires, enabling them to concentrate solely on creating a better product for cyclists. パナレーサーは1952年の創業以来、自転車用タイヤを中心に様々な商業用および消費者用のゴム製品を製造してきました。



Panaracer continues to manufacture in Japan, even as others have moved operations overseas. This allows them to maintain the highest quality control over both their products and their production process. As a result, Panaracer offers some of the finest tires available for gravel racing, touring, urban, and off-road cycling.




The Polymer Workshop® + Panaracer capsule collection consists of GravelKing X1 R (40C and 45C), Pullover Hoodie, T-Shirt, and Cap.

Polymer Workshop® + Panaracerのカプセルコレクションは、新しいGRAVELKING X1 R (40Cと45C)、プルオーバーパーカー、Tシャツ、キャップで構成されています。
4月25日よりPolymer Workshop®および一部の小売店にて限定発売です。


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Available now online exclusively at Polymer Workshop® and selected retailers.