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The advantages of Hookless Tubeless


We have chosen to commit fully to hookless technology which has been around for years in mountain biking and gravel. The technology initially derives from the standard tubeless design of cars, motorcycles, or even airplanes where the tires are held onto the rims safely by the pressure of the air pressing in all directions on the tire beads over the rim bed shelf. Our Hookless design has a number of performance enhancing benefits such as less rolling resistance, more control, aerodynamics and durability with a tougher rim construction.

The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization, sets global manufacturing standards for hookless technology. Our rims adhere to these precise ETRTO standards, with a tolerance of ±0.1 millimeters, roughly equivalent to the width of a human hair. This ensures seamless compatibility and optimal performance between ETRTO-compliant tires and rims. Within the ETRTO standards, tire inflation is capped at a maximum of 73 PSI or 5 bar, which may seem low at first glance. However, this limitation serves both safety and speed purposes.


Counter intuitively, wider rims and lower air pressure contribute to increased speed. They achieve this by minimizing energy loss due to vibrations, making it considerably easier for riders to navigate uneven surfaces. The surface contact is shorter and wider than traditional wheels minimizing the deformation of the tire and lowering the rolling resistance. At a speed of 32 kilometers per hour on rough terrain, you can save up to 40 watts of power according to recent external tests. Even on smooth surface roads you can save between 3-5 watts on +28mm tires on correct amount of low pressure to your weight.


Our wide rim design combined with reduced tire pressure not only enhance riding efficiency, but also provide improved grip for downhill maneuvers, cornering, and enhanced handling in wet conditions. The Hookless rim design also allows the carbon to bend in a more natural manner compared to traditional hooked designs which improves the structure with more material on the leading edge to improve impact durability.

Our hookless technology generates a sleeker, aerodynamic interface where the tire meets the rim. Wheels contribute to as much as 15% of your overall wind resistance, but hookless design can significantly reduce this factor, enhancing your aerodynamic efficiency.